time-based circuits

Compared to common circuit boards that are using solid and static materials, a fluid-based Cirquid offers the great advantage of being changeable in the form of it’s conductive paths. Thus making the circuit-shape programmable, variable and more flexible.  This is possible because the potential paths have been defined via wax printing within the paper during the printing process. But only after being enriched with a conductive liquid, the potential path is established until it remains dry again.

Which means the layout of all activated/wet Cirquids is programmable, variable and can be changed each time you activate a Cirquid by applying salt water.

Beside this programmability, timing and rhytems can be defined by a Cirquid. As the needed period of time for a liquid to spread through certain areas of the paper or reach implemented electronics can be defined by the Cirquid’s layout.


The shape of a printed Cirquid can be used to controle a certain period of time that needs to take place before an effect or operation will begin. Also the temporary aspect of saltwater-based circuits can be enhance and stressed out by this method further on.


The changing of a wet and dry status within the paper can be used to create fuzzy rhythm in the current flowing throughout the paper.

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