moving structures

If a printed and dry cirquid gets contaminated with saltwater, a reaction can be triggered. By attaching shape memory alloy material into a kinetic paper structure a movement within the object can actuate it’s deformation.


As mentioned before in other posts, paper as a material holds the great quality of being expandable and reducable, especially if it’s given shape and form supports such kinetic processes. In a few tests with shape memory wire I tested the effect of a spiral shaped wire with a paper structure that can be stuck together to a grid of elements that cause each other to move if one of it’s elements is equipped with an activated shape memory wire.



Unfoldable structures can be equipped with the selfmoving wire, but it must be considered that the kinetic forces coming from the wire, will force the paper structure is to expand on three axis, thus making the process of unfolding a structure a bit blurry, imprecisely and fussy. Various parameters, such as the given paper structur, the given fixiation points within this structure for the wire and the programmed shape within the shape memory alloy will define it’s movement.

unfolding3This way interesting material experiments with a focus on the materials behaviour towards external pressure can be realized.

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